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The city Turany is located in the south foothill of Malá Fatra Mountains, on the right bank of the Váh River.

The highest peak of Turiec region dominates the city - Veľký Fatranský Kriváň - 1709 m. The city lies in the 400 m altitude. The first written mention of the city comes from 1268. It is the former royal town owning the right of Krupina. The oldest buiding is the Roman-Catholic church of St. Gal from the 14th century. The local museum has been built in the city. The holiday resort Trusalová with the camping site and bungalows supporting the tourist trade are located in the protection area of National Park of Malá Fatra. The artist M.A.Bazovský is the best know native.


Mayor of city:      Dušan Novysedlák, Ing.

Population:  4275


Mestský úrad

Ul. Osloboditeľov č. 83/91

038 53     Turany 


Office hours:

Monday:         7,00 – 12,15             13,00 – 15,15
Tuesday:        7,00 – 12,15             13,00 – 15,15
Wednesday:   7,00 – 12,15             13,00 – 17,00
Thursday:       not open for pulic
Friday:            7,00 – 12,45 

Phone numbers:
secretariat :

Telephone : ++421  43 4292 400,  ++421  43 4292 401  

Fax: ++421  43 4292 402

E-mail contact: 

Information and secretary:


responsible for the web content and webmaster:


Area of city:  46 747 284 m2

Identification number: 00316962

Bank contact: Prima Banka Slovensko, a.s.

Tax identity  IBAN : SK 0656 00 0000 0030 0202 3007



City Turany is a autonomous local self-governing and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, it gathers persons who have a habitancy in the area of Turany

City is a corporate body that autonomously manages its own finances, property and profit.

Conditions for creation of city, its status, authorities, competemces and responsibilities are mentioned is the basic forms of the statute: Act No. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipal Establishment.

Municipality elected authorities:

    Mayor of city
    City Council

     Mayor of city represents the highest executive body of the city. The Mayor is elected by the citizens through a direct vote for 4 years.

     Deputy Mayor is voted by Council of city for 4 years and represents the City Mayor during the latter's absence or incapacity to execute his office.

     City Council means a group of city representatives elected through direct public vote for 4 years. The Council of city established and dissolve, based on need, permanent or temporary executive, control, and consulting authorities, mainly:

    Deputy Mayor,
    Commissions of Council, as a advisory bodies
    Chief city auditor.

Contact persons:

Mayor of city:                                   Dušan Novysedlák, Ing.
Members of Council:

Dušan Kričko, Mgr. - Deputy Mayor

Martin Adamov, Mgr.

Miroslav Blahušiak, Ing.

Ivan Ďubák, Ing.

Ivan Jesenský, Ing.

Kamil Kiša

Antónia Kocholová

Jozef Maťko

Roman Maťko

Anastázia Mičková, Ing.

Darina Tarabová

Chief city auditor:                              Peter Kračmer, Mgr

Commissions of City Council:

    Economic and plan commission,
    Commission for building, ground planning and environment,
    Social, domestics life and health commission,
    Commission for education, culture and sport,
    Commission to protect public interest.


Self-administration operation (original competencies)

  -  the administration and the development of city property and the property in the ownership  of state ceded to city for use,
  - the administration of city taxes and fees,
  -  regulation of economical activities that is done by binging statements to the business activities and other activity, establishment of operations,
  -  the administration of local roads, public areas, plants, public lighting, cleanliness and public cemetery,
  -  nature and environment protection, water economy, sewerage, communal waste, support educational, leisure and sport opportunities,
   -  participation at regional plans, area planning, local development,
   -  Social assistance


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